About Elida

I was born in Post World War II New Jersey where fields and farmlands still existed; when people were optimistic about the future. All this was changing very quickly so by the time I left in 1967 to join the Airlines (TWA) as an "Air Hostess" and live in New York, America was headlong into a very exciting and culturally shifting era.

I moved to New York City when I joined TWA and although living in the "City" was an early ambition fullfilled, my youth and shyness perhaps rendered me not quite able to truly enter the sophisticated scene there. This was after all New York City.

In 1970, I moved to Santa Monica Canyon in Los Angeles. There feeling more at home in spirit, I began to form and come alive. I studied French in Los Angeles and Paris as well as Italian in Florence, Italy. I also studied some photography in Los Angeles at both Los Angeles City College and Art Center School of Design.

My photography skills grew primarily from passion and inspiration - and there are many many marvelous photographers who have inspired me over the years.

I began photographing when I realized that, while I truly enjoyed and was well suited for my international airline career, which continued primarily out of New York, something creative was burning inside me that needed an outlet. Restlessness and longing are the handmaidens of creativity. Photography seemed perfect for me.

I began shooting in a variety of venues back in the 1970s: portrait studios, headshots, weddings and commercial interiors, all shot with film and a wonderful array of medium-format cameras whose names now ring so beautifully in the ear of any former film photographer-names such as Hasselblad and Mamiya Rb67.

I made the digital transition around 2004 and although there are still aspects of film I miss, the presence of digital in our world and the diversity of control it has afforded my work, makes it my current medium.

Having just retired from my flying career I intend to devote my remaining time to documenting "The World as I See It." I am married to a wonderfully creative man who encourages me in my work and we live in beautiful, photogenic Taos, New Mexico.